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Variable Drive Constant Pressure Pumps

We offer energy efficient pump drives which alter the speed of the motor and pump so as to supply a constant pressure to suit the duty required. These drives reduce the shock of start stop cycling of pumps, reduce water hammer, reduce power consumption and wear and tear on water installations.

Although they may seem expensive, the power savings will usually pay for the extra capital expense in a short period of time.  

These systems are best suited to a constantly varying load such as at:

  • Schools
  • Town water supply
  • Golf clubs
  • Sporting Complexes
  • Shopping Centre's
  • High rise buildings
  • Housing complexes
  • Domestic homes.

A typical application would be a block of units which suffer from low water pressure. A variable drive booster system could boost the  town's water pressure to the required pressure.

An example of typical power saving would be

An installation may need a maximum water flow of 300 lt per minute and at pressure of 600 kpa. A 5.5 kw pump would be required.

if only15 litres per minute at 600kpa is required then a variable drive would slow down the pump to suit this new demand. This would result in a huge power saving as the power consumed could be as low as 1kw for the same 5.5 kw pump. 

We can retro-fit controllers to existing pumps to provide these benefits without replacing your pump.

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