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Bore Cleaning

Do all bore holes require cleaning ?

A majority of bores will require some attention. If your bore is pumping clean and clear water and their has been no flow rate reducing over it life then cleaning is not required. Over time however most bore holes can have a reduced water flow rate and can have mineral deposits restrictions their performance. When this occurs a bore clean is required. 

A bore clean is split up into two procedure:

  1. chemical treatment- used for scale and iron removal. While the pump is running in the bore a chemical is circulated within the bore. This will remove the chemical build up and clean the pump and pipes as well.  
  2. hydraulic blowout -  If the bore fails to respond to previous chemical treatments and the mineral problems are excessive a hydraulic blowout is required. This can remove large mineral deposits and increase the flow rate. (i.e. picture pump covered in iron sludge)              

Our services are as follows;



  • Bore hole flow rate recovery: over used bores can have a reduced performance. 
  • Bore cleaning service: Un capped bore can fill up will foreign objects and should be cleaned before the pumping equipment is installed.
  • Iron sludge removal : iron bacteria used the iron in the ground and oxygen to create iron oxide, if left untreated will eventually damage the pumping equipment and reduce the water available.
  • Sediment removal :   sand deposits on the bottom of the bore which can fill up the bore and reduce the flow rate and damage the pumping equipment.
  • Iron bacteria treatment : usually after removing any sludge from the bore an E.P.A approved treatment is circulated in the bore to dissolved iron and scale deposits.
  • Flow rate estimates : when a bore is cleaned a bore hole flow rate can be estimated.