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            Stormwater Battery Backup Systems


   As we all have come to expect a good storm at least once a year to cause minor or major flooding, and we really on our storm water pumps to work. This is usually not a problem but every now and then the power goes out. We are helplessly watch the waters rise in our basements and our car parks, If only the power stayed on!.

There is two options to this problem:

1. Generators in petrol or diesel


              - can be cheep for small portage units 

              - can be retro fitted to some existing pumping systems

              - can run longer with additional fuel

              - best suited to larger pumping systems 


              - can be noisy

              - will continue running when the pumps have stopped

              - exhaust gasses are poisons and con not be used in confined area

              - fuel must be kept fresh and replaced every 6 months

              - storage of fuel is hazardous and will requires bung walling

              - over sizing of 300% of the KVA rating to the pumps used

              - require maintenance

              - council regulations requirements for permanently installed units.

2. Battery Backups  pumping systems


               - very little maintenance ( batteries are sealed )

               - no noise

               - long stand-by self life

               - automatic operation 

               - 8 hour back up run time (theoretical only subjects to variables) 

               - additional battery packs can be added for longer run time and larger loads

               - the batteries have a 10 years trickle charge life


               - limits to small pump sizes

               - batteries will need to be replaced after 300 to 1500 cycles( discharge and charge)

                - will eventually require recharging

                - the life cycle of the batteries will be reduced as the discharge percentage increases. 



        We manufacture standard and customer made battery backups to be used on stormwater pumping systems. We use an Australian made multi stage chargers with 240 amp hour 12 volt A.G.M deep cycle batteries. A pure wave inverter with a reliable 240 volt ac automatic sump pump.  


Run times

Run times will vary from installation due to the following:

 - Pump duty

 - Temperature

 - Discharge percentage cycling

 - Age of the batteries

 - Battery charge level



The theoretical maximum performance is as follows:

Pump duty - 4 meter head

                  - 30 to 50 litres per minute

                   - 230 volt

Battery capacity - 2 x 120 amp 12v A.G.M deep cycle 


Total energy stored  2 x 120a/h x 12v  = 2880 watts 


Load of pump and inverter = 1.3 amps x 230 volts x 1.2 (de-rating)  = 358 watts

Therefore 2880/358 = 8.04 hour run time

This doesn't take into consideration variable such as the age of the system.

Please note - after the pit is empty  the pump will stop and use no more power.