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Stormwater Servicing 

Should stormwater pumps be serviced? 

The short answer to this answer is ...... YES

Most sit for most of their life in a darkened damp environment often not operating for months. Stormwater pumping systems are a necessary evil and when properly installed and serviced prevent property damage and in some installations save lives.

As a trained pump service company, on our routine service work it is common to find stormwater pumping systems completely disabled.

New buildings are the most likely to be adversely effected as a result of large rain events and unserviced stormwater pumps.

Here are a few of the common faults we've discovered:

  • Pumps have fallen over and are laying on the floor of the pit.
  • Plumbing problems unable to cope with large volumes of water.
  • Wrong valves used - ( plastic or clean water types).
  • Pumps running but disconnected from the pipework (the pit's full).  
  • Faulty floats - (some without Australian approval and wrong voltage).
  • Control equipment faults.
  • Pumps running in reverse (never checked from new).  
  • Overloads tripping.
  • Poor quality or wrong type of pipework.
  • Rusted and broken fittings.
  • Pumps blocked with foreign objects.
  • Pumps under sized for the service area.


How often should stormwater pumping systems be inspected? 

All stormwater systems require regular servicing, subject to risk to building, machinery and/or human life.

Recommended servicing schedule:

Car parks

  • Shopping centres                                               - 3 to 6 months
  • Hospitals                                                            - 6 to 12 months
  • Flood zones                                                        - 3 months
  • Effected by continuous ground water           - 3 months
  • Elevator basement pumps                                - 6 to 12 months or 3 months if effected by continuous ground water.



  • Back yard pits                                                        - 12 months
  • Ground level pits inside home                            -  6 months
  • Underground liveable basements and cellars   - 6 months
  • Areas effected by continuous ground water     - 3 months


Industrial Areas

  • Seepage and ground water removal                  - subject to risk assessment and potential damage


How do you prevent your pumps from blockage?

We manufacture and install pre filters for grates to allow water to enter the pit but stop foreign objects, like leaves and plastic items, from damaging the pump. All water from stormwater pumping systems eventually runs into our waterways. The installation of pre filters prevents these problems from occurring.(i.e. picture 4)

Our Service

We offer an economical 7 point inspection service in our routine scheduled service programme. This service identifies any current and future faults in your stormwater system and should reduce or eliminate the chances of emergency flooding during the next storm season.