Services We Provide


                                                                      Under Ground Pit Repairs



We specialise in relining concrete and polly storm water and sewage pits.


This is a  typical example of a problematic stormwater pit. The owner has had many years of problems with pumps failing and flooding and was never been given the option to reline the floor in the pit. Each time a rain event occurs hi volume of water enters this pit and stirs up the mud which clogs the pump. A flood is usually the end result.  


1.We remove the pumps from the pit.

2. clean out the pit with a vac truck and remove all the water

3. install a drainage pipe to allow for ground water equalisation

4. install a drainage gravel

5. order and pour a hi strength concrete mix with a fast set additive.

6. screed as required

7. After some time later that day we reinstall a new pump set. 


Clean out the pit.




Installing the gravel and drainage pipework.



Pour and level the concrete and allow to cure.